I believe that you can change the world, you just have to figure out the inputs.

When we are kids, we empathize with nearly everyone.

I believe we can be free and inclusive of all others.
  • Our ballads adhere loosely to the rules that have made hits for the last 50 years, but one can only control oneself.

    Who'd want to.

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  • Chris Shaw

    I was once told "Focus on lyrics, melody, and arrangement." He was right. A good song has to be good on acoustic. I write all my songs in parallel, going from my preferred DAW, Logic, to my Guild and back.

  • Coming to iTunes

    We've been wokring on our first album for five years now. I'd rather not release anything than release something I'm not proud of.

    Soon in Itunes

A Little Up

What You Need

Wild Ride